Quarter Life Crisis Job Seeker Early Adulthood

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Maria Chrisnatalia, Yunita Harnesia Prasvista, Stephanus Benedictus Bera Liwun, Maria


Looking for work is a task that early adult individuals must fulfil, but there are challenges in finding work, such as a mismatch of abilities and expectations. This can give rise to a feeling of inadequacy and questions about the future, which will make individuals trapped in a crisis in early adulthood, namely the quarter-life crisis. This research aims to empirically test the picture of the quarter-life crisis in young adults who are looking for work. This research is descriptive, using a scale based on aspects of the quarter-life crisis. The sampling technique uses a purposive sampling technique. Respondents in this study were early adults aged 18 – 30 years who were not working and were looking for work, with a total of 174 respondents. Based on the results of data analysis, it is known that early adults who are looking for work are in the high category with an empirical mean of 114.68, which means that young adults who are looking for work feel worried and doubtful about their work-life. In the quarter-life crisis aspect, almost all aspects are in the high category except being trapped in a difficult situation, which is in the medium category.

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