Organizational Commitment of Tour Guides

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Khuu Ngoc Huyen, Le Kim Thanh, La Nguyen Thuy Dung, Nguyen Thi Tu Trinh, Le Thi Ngoc Van


The commitment of employees to the organization receives special attention from managers. This is because when employees are closely attached to the organization, the efficiency of work is improved, enhancing the organization’s innovation and creativity, and aiming for sustainable development. This study was conducted to demonstrate the factors influencing the commitment to the organization of tour guides. Research data was collected from a survey of 305 tour guides working in travel companies in Vietnam. Using quantitative research methods, the study has shown that the organizational commitment of tour guides is influenced by 8 factors, including job nature, work environment, training and promotion, income and benefits, leadership style, relationships with colleagues, rewards and recognition, and empowerment. Among them, empowerment is identified as the most significant factor, with the strongest influence on the organizational commitment of tour guides. Finally, the study has proposed some managerial implications to enhance the commitment to the organization of tour guides.

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