Mental Health in LGBTIQ+ Population in School Contexts: An Analysis from the Systematic Literature Review

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Nubia Hernández-Flórez, Pamela Álvarez-Morales, Olena Klimenko, María José Orozco-Santander, Francia Moncada-Navas, Alvaro Lhoeste-Charris


This study focuses on the investigation of the mental health of LGBTIQ+ people in school settings, through a systematic review of the literature, using the PRISMA methodology. In the methodological process, both inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied, which are detailed in the flow chart, along with a word map summarizing the findings. From this, an analysis matrix was elaborated that included a total of 25 studies, which revealed three categories of analysis: Suicide risk, School exclusion due to gender diversity and sexual orientation, and Mental health interventions aimed at the LGBTI population. It is concluded that aspects linked to the recognition and expression of gender and diverse sexual orientation should be closely related to the promotion of rights, access to justice, and equity. These aspects should be incorporated mainly in school environments to promote research that is integrated into curricula and focused on peacebuilding. This integration can break the chains of discrimination and contribute to the development of knowledge through a discursive perspective based on a multicultural approach centered on gender, with the objective of strengthening the experience of LGBTIQ+ people.

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