Effect Of Social Network on Life Satisfaction Among Elderly People: An Empirical Analysis

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Dr. K. M.Ashifa


In India, as the ageing populations, their difficulties exacerbate proportionately. Social assistance is especially critical for older persons, as regular life events may jeopardize this age group's support network. When a loved one dies, the elderly frequently encounter bereavement and the resulting loss of support; or when older persons transition from work to retirement, they often face solitude or unwanted social interaction; or when they relocate, their support structure is upended. These losses significantly increase the amount of stress that older persons will have to deal with. Changes in social interactions and the breakdown of cultural and traditional structures in various countries have resulted in a more individualistic culture, which has resulted in social isolation among the elderly. The current study examined the social networks of older people and their level of life satisfaction. This study evaluated the mediating effect of elderly well-being on relationships through connecting social networks. The study discovered that the elderly with the largest overall network had the highest mean score of life satisfaction.

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