A Study on Vitamin C Levels – A Comparison Between Clinical Hypothyroid and Sub Clinical Hypothyroid.

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Dr. A. Satyapreethi, Dr. G .V. Benerji


Background :

Thyroid diseases are the commonest endocrine disorders in the world. Thyroid hormones are among the most imperative humoral factors involved in setting the basal metabolic rate on a long rate on a long-term basis in target tissues such as liver, heart. Kidney and brain. The prevalence of subclinical thyroid dysfunction is higher than that of overt thyroid dysfunction. Antioxidants help to support absorption of thyroxine. They also fight against free radicals known to cause disturbances. This study was done to compare Vitamin –C which is an non enzymatic antioxidant levels among clinical and sub clinical hypothyroids.

Materials and methods:

A total of 400 subjects were analyzed to get a total of 50 clinical hypothyroid patients;

50 subclinical and 50 healthy individuals based on their thyroid profile and detailed history. Patients were taken from out patient department at KIMS and RF with respect to inclusion and exclusion criteria and Vitamin-C levels were measured.


In hypothyroidism, it was observed that there is a decrease in antioxidant status in hypothyroidism which is shown by a decrease in vitamin c levels in hypothyroids. This decrease is more in clinical hypothyroids compared to subclinical hypothyroids.

Conclusion :

We conclude that hypothyroidism causes decreased Vitamin –C levels more in clinical hypothyroids than in subclinical hypothyroids.

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