Data Analytics Model for Health Institutions

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Fernando Molina-Granja, Silvana Vire, Patricio Inca, Wayner Bustamante


In the environment of health management, it is very necessary to use data analytics for several aspects, from improving administrative management, the study of the behavior of diseases in the population to accurately diagnosing, even pathologies that can currently be identified early to make timely and accurate interventions on some ailments.  The motivation for applying data analytics in health is to focus on a value-focused care model and not on episode care, increase the benefits of historical data and help solve possible complex pathologies.  This article presents a proposal for a data analytics model for health institutions called ADHEALTH, which has been validated by the media of experts and has a statistical study that demonstrates a favorable trend for its implementation.   The model presents seven phases in a specific order, the legal environment as the initial phase, the operational environment focused on health institutions, institutional strategic planning, thus defining the appropriate sources of information and generating the data warehouse, to generate the exploitation applications, and finally solve institutional requirements and establish institutional use.

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