Design of an antenna for the MESH community wireless network of Mambita Police Inspectorate

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Fredys A. Simanca H., Pablo E. Carreño H., Fabián Blanco Garrido, Patty Pedroza Barrios, Paúl Sanmartín, Freddy Guerra Alfonso


Despite the technological advances made in recent years, plans and strategies of the Colombian Government and contributions of private enterprise, there are still many territories in Colombia without internet connection and specifically schools that continue to apply traditional methodologies in education. The Rural Educational Institution of Mambita, located in the Municipality of Ubalá - Cundinamarca, does not escape from this reality. In the context of the pandemic that began in 2020 and the quarantine strategy decreed by the Colombian government during 2020 and 2021, the need to have a network for the interconnection of its educational community became evident, including students, teachers, school administrators and parents. But due to the lack of economic resources available to the Universidad Libre, in the framework of a research project, the researchers faced the need to design wireless antennas that would allow the design of a MESH wireless network for the educational institution and that such design would allow to reduce costs, thereby seeking to benefit through innovations and contributions to the design and implementation of the MESH network to the Mambita Police inspection. Consequently, the antenna was designed using specific materials that significantly reduced costs and obtained an antenna that through the application of tests allowed to verify a range of 350 meters, which is quite significant, since in the market antennas are available with a range of no more than 300 meters.

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