Access of Malaysia's higher education organization: Malaysia Education Blueprint (2015-2025)

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Ibrahim A.M. Moussa. Omar, Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon, Nik Alia Fahada Wan Abdul Rahman


The study aimed to identify the total number of Students' Intake, Enrolled, and Graduates in ten study levels and three categories, especially in the first wave in Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education). In the period from 2015 to 2020. The study relied on secondary data issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. The study assumes increasing Access to a higher education institution due to the implementation for the first wave.

        There has been a fluctuation in the number of students Intake, Enrolled and graduates in Malaysian higher education institutions, ending with a decrease in the bachelor's and master's programs and a rise in the doctoral program. In the same context, the study also showed fluctuation in the number of international students enrolled in public universities over the period. However, there is fluctuation in the number of international students in private universities in the first three years and a significant decrease in the last two years. The study also illustrated that the ratio of males to females was 1.22, while the ratio of local students to international students was 9:1, while the ratio of faculty members to students was 1:20 approximately. The study recommended that Responsible parties take some measures after the Corona Virus crisis to support the Access of local and international students to higher education institutions, and urges the Malaysian Government to encourage males to complete their education and complete university and post-graduate education to achieve a balance in demand for jobs between males and females.

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