Investigating the role of online - exams on university students’ psychological burnout

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Yousef Thyab Awad, Mazouz Jabber Alawneh


This study aimed to investigate the role of online - exams on university students’ psychological burnout. The sample of the study consisted of (364) university students (17.13%) chosen randomly from a total population of (6,236). To achieve the study objectives, a 35- item questionnaire was used to cover three domains: emotional stress, emotional insensitivity, and lack of sense of accomplishment. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were both measured and scored acceptable value. The results of the study showed that the level of psychological burnout among the students ranged between medium and high. Medium.  All items, except for three items, scored medium Significant differences were also found due to gender in favor of the females, differences   due to age in favor of 20 years age and due to school level in favor of the second-year level. Mean while, the results showed no statistically significant differences due to the faculty variable and the interaction between gender and age variables, faculty and school level. The results also showed that the domain of emotional stress explained 92% of the variation, while the domain of emotional insensitivity explained 5.4% of the variation, and lack of sense of accomplishment explained 2.6% of the variation. The researchers recommended providing promotive programs to strengthen students’ endurance and their psychological toughness, especially the females and the oldest age, in addition to conducting comparative studies between students of open education and traditional education.

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