Focused Teaching- Unfocused Learning

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Adel Gheidari


In this age, all kinds of information - right or wrong - surround us, and there are thousands of answers to almost every question. Nevertheless, many pains and sufferings remain untreated and plunge the human soul into the abyss of weakness. In the meantime, sometimes being "uncivilized" may be the solution!

The purpose of this study was to try to understand why the school and classroom atmosphere is unpleasant for students as well as teachers. During the six-month implementation of this study, an attempt was made to identify the principles that are considered as "axioms" of the current style of education and replace them with almost contradictory principles and what is written in this article is the narration of this story. Two features are also prominent in this research; first, the whole process is based on personal understanding and experience. Secondly, nowhere in the text is there any trace of the theories and works of educational scientists.

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