Prejudice Against Dwarfs as Depicted in Game of Thrones

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Niraj Raj, Ayushi Jaiswal, Pramod Kumar


Game of Thrones is a series popular not only because of its fascinating universe and dramatic plot but also for the diversity depicted through its colourful characters, from the different dynamics of gender to giants and dwarfs. The focus of this paper will be to analyse and interpret how dwarfism is illustrated in the series. Dwarfism as we know is a physical deformity where the growth of the body is stunted. This abnormality and its consequences are shown through one of the most admired characters of the show, Tyrion Lannister. This paper aims to critically study the incidences from Tyrion’s life and analyse how George R.R. Martin has represented dwarfism, an often side-lined and misrepresented trait. The paper also intends to examine how Tyrion was treated by his family and others characters from the series and his reactions to them. Furthermore, we will also observe the character development of this fans’ favourite figure.

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