The Duplexing Mentality And Psychosocial Behaviour Of Gauri In Jhumpa Lahiri's The Lowland

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T. Gokilapriya, Dr. T.Vasanthakumari


Jhumpa Lahiri's characters are always the representation of  real life characters and experiences. She delves deep into the characters' psyche, how they fight to come out of the culture for which they are accustomed  with and how to get into the culture that is extremely different from their mother culture. In her characters Gauri has a strong mentality who willfully takes her own decisions leaving her past widowhood  and tries to get rid of that mental sickness by adapting herself to the new culture. Though taking decisions are cakewalk, she suffers from confused state of mind for she cannot take decisions without doubting, being  always correct in her decisions. This study entirely deals with Gauri's dual mentality and her predicament of being a young widow and it's consequences  with respect to situation in detail.

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