Online Education in India: A Critical Review during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Vivek Jogi, Dr. Dinesh Gabhane, Niyati Joshi


According to UNESCO monitoring, world’s 192 countries announced nationwide lockdown and it impact 99.9 % of world’s student population. At the same time in India a nationwide lockdown, announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the month of March and it’s suddenly stuck up India’s school & college education system. Stuck up of education system not only impact teachers, students, and their families, but have far reaching to economic and social consequences. But the existence of Internet and communication technology appreciates online education system and appears as a new source of education to meet global challenges. In the time of pandemic classes goes online and on air. Millions of students in cities and towns are glued to computer and smartphone screen as education provider and Internet & communication technology as Education Hub. With this media everyone is busy with new age of education and enjoying the advantages of electronics education system as a new model of home based education system. This research paper will help to enlighten various mode of online education, its advantages to society; this will suggest the measures to uplift the standards of higher education and enhance the employability skills by young age to meet global challenges. In one sentence we can say that, this helps us all to stay home, stay safe and stay educated.

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