Attitudes of Prince Faisal Technical College Cadets towards Online learning Platforms

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Izzeldeen A. Alrbehat, Prof. Dina AH Al-Jamal, Prof. Imad T.Sa’di


This study aimed at exploring cadets’ attitudes toward online platforms, "Royal Jordanian Air Force Platform and Microsoft Teams platform". In order to achieve this aim, a questionnaire was developed, which consisted of two dimensions. Each dimension consisted of twenty items to measure cadets' attitudes towards each of the previously mentioned online learning platforms, and its validity and reliability indicators have been verified. The population of this study consisted of all cadets at Prince Faisal Technical College in Jordan. The sample of the study comprised a total of 406 cadets, chosen randomly. The findings revealed that cadets' attitudes toward the Royal Jordanian Air Force Platform were medium, while cadets' attitudes toward the Microsoft Team Platform were high. Moreover, the results indicated that the effectiveness of the Microsoft Teams platform in developing cadets' attitudes towards online platforms compared to the Royal Jordanian Air Force platform.


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