An Investigation of E-Services provided through Internet Banking offered by Public Sector banks in India

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Vivek Jogi, Dr. G. F. Surya, Dr. Dinesh Gabhane


In recent technological environment, innovation in information and communication technology has provided lots of benefits to customers, bank management, business organisation and other related stakeholders. It has been blessing since last decades as far as time, speed and cost of delivery is concern. The propagation of Information and Communication Technology is helping the Public Sector Bank by providing e-services through internet banking channel. Widespread technological innovation and telecommunications results new financial distribution means from ATMs, telephone banking to PC banking and Internet Banking is the latest in the series of technological wonders of the recent past. The offering of e-services through internet banking enables the bank customers, bank officials and bank stakeholders to perform a range of banking operation effectively and efficiently.

The electronic revolution launches the concept of ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime banking and say good-bye to huge account registers, paperwork and traditional window banking system. This revolution also plays significant role in acceptance of extremely cost effective delivery channels as compared to other existing channels. This study will help the banks, to retain the existing bank customer and to convert the potential users to actual internet banking users. With increasing in competition, the banks are focusing more on customer happiness through eminence and innovative e-services. The Public Sector Banks are mostly customer driven and their survivals in competitive environment largely depend upon best quality of service provided. This best quality of services furnished by the Public Sector banks is the most influencing factor which helps to maintain future position in the market. This study covers vide variety of best quality e-services like various mode of billing payment, transfer of fund, viewing of customer’s account details, transaction performed, balance enquiry etc.

This research paper will introduce, all-round e-services offered by various Public Sector Banks by means of Internet Banking Channel along with its advantages, limitations and their management.


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