Preference for Entrepreneurship as Career: Exploring Some Aspects

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Amandeep Nahar, Poonam Sharma, Meenakshi Thakur


Entrepreneurship is considered as seed bed for growth of businesses in any economy. Choice of entrepreneurship requires a specific orientation. Consequently the question arises about the factors which lead to increase in entrepreneurship or in the other words what are the reasons which results in choice for entrepreneurship as career. Therefore, the present study is focused on assessing certain personal cultural aspects which may lead to preference for entrepreneurship among millennial generation. The personal cultural has been measured through ten variables like innovativeness, Prudence etc. The respondents of the study were the students of Panjab University undertaking the MBA programme. The data was collected through a structured questionnaire from 200. After, deducting the non-response and incomplete responses 123 found to be usable. The respondents were asked to indicate their choice for career after completing their MBA. The response to this question created two groups of students namely one group preferring job and other preferring entrepreneurship or self-employment. The data has been analyzed using t- test and logistic regression. The logistic regression results showed the 77.2% accuracy. T test came out to be significant for eight out of ten personal cultural variables.

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