The role of design management in promoting market competition - Analytical research

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Omar Hamza Jasim Yakoob, APD Amir Fadoos Al-Lami


This searching aim to achieve of design management in in strength of market competition, in the headquarter,  Al- ayadi  resident complex and their units and inhabidant  it ,and diagnosis of  The level of chiefs and them, as well as out with commandment strength the training variable practices in company under consideration, Based on the researcher keenness on diagnosis the relationship of impact between the two variances by applied study, Why her importance in company quarter and it individuals in other side.

The researcher followed of descriptive survey method in accomplishment of units and investigations of this searching, It included, the search society,  alayyad residential complex, that consist of (100 ) sample for searching, officials and   residants.

He used in extracting the statistical modes results :(spss ,coding   bentagon  Lecart ,iterations and percentages ,iterations to show properties of sample, average, standard deviation–variance coefficient to show the range sample dispersion answers and simple correlation  Sperman  in measuring the sort and mark the relationship between two variances and it dimensions and the simple regression F-test to determine impact independent  variance in one variance.

The results appeared presence role to design management in strength market competition direct or   indirect, towards changes and building.


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