Language Learning Strategies of EFL Students

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Muhammad Saufi Firdaus Sabudin, Harwati Hashim, Lai See May, Mazira Mohd Zain, Nur Syafiqah Abdul Kadar, Afiqah Binti Abd Aziz, Eugenie Anak Anyau, Mohd Saleh Abbas


For ESL/EFL students, developing self-sufficiency in language acquisition is crucial Learning through projects is among the most successful strategies for the educators to empower students to self-regulate. Though, many EFL teachers and high school students seem to be ignorant of Learning through projects. The purpose of this education, is to see how students in Project-based learning use self-regulated language learning methodologies. The questionnaire was completed by 147 EFL students, with forty of them participating in semi-structured interviews. The mean and ANOVA were used to assess the quantitative data from the questionnaire, while the subject analysis approach was utilized to evaluate the qualitative data from the interview. According to the findings, SRLL approaches were often employed by research participants for project-based learning. Furthermore, the technique strategy Set was employed more often than the other six strategy groups. Furthermore, the academic levels of the research had no effect on how often high school students employed SRLL strategies for Project-based learning. These preliminary findings are designed to aid academics in creating a better understanding of how SRLL methods might be utilized to boost Learning through projects uptake.

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