Relationship between risk profile and disclosure practices of Indian public sector banks

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Shailja Vashisht, Dr. Mahesh Sarva


Indian public sector banks account for two thirds of banking business in the country, but they have been under pressure due to their high risk profile. Risk management disclosure is an important tool to increase market discipline and improve the overall risk management status of a bank. The present study tries to establish a relationship between the risk management disclosure scores and risk management variables of largest 10 public sector banks from the period of 2014-2020 using an OLS regression model. The findings show that risk management disclosure scores of public sector banks range from 15-30 out of 40 indicating a scope of improvement. The relationship between risk management variables and risk disclosure is significant with the latter explaining more than 40% variation in the risk management disclosure. There is a need to improve the overall risk management and disclosure practices in public sector banks so as to improve their performance and efficiency.

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