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Shandru Mariyadas, Saravanakumar, AR.


The purpose of this study was to find out how school principals develop their peaceful administration with suitable management theories of school capacity through their staff, as well as the effect of this effort on a school’s development. After examining a variety of sources, such as journal articles and web-based documents, the researcher determined that there was inadequate information explaining the process principals undergo to build teachers and non-academic staff relationship roles to develop a high-developing school. To carry out the goals, relevant reports in the field of principal management theories were reviewed. The insights afforded from these reports guided high-performing schools in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. The researcher looked at the qualities of the principal's calm management techniques and the characteristics of the principal's leadership that were visible in high-performing schools. Primary data collection: principals, teachers, student leaders, and non-academic staff were selected as respondents of primary data collection to complete the questionnaire and face-to-face interview from a total of 64 high-performing schools in the research area using a random sampling approach. The secondary data (documentary) would be used to support the primary data in the study of peaceful management ideas. According to the findings, teachers were also content with their work surroundings when discussing best practices or participating in staff development opportunities with colleagues, according to the findings. School administrators and instructors were aware of their contributions to the overall performance of their institutions. According to the findings of this qualitative study, principals may enhance leadership capabilities at schools by first establishing a culture of trust, honesty, and professionalism between themselves and their staff. Future research in principal leadership should look at whether the influence on school development affects school maintenance, according to the researcher.

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