Reviewing the Chicana

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Dr Minu Mary Mathew, Chasmi Maria Chacko


A Chicano Movement evolved from various struggles with specific leaders, agendas and organizational strategies and tactics. Sharing ideological roots with Black cultural nationalism, Chicano cultural nationalism—Chicanismo—advocated an ideology and spirit of active resistance within Mexican American communities throughout theUnited States. The Chicana feminists shared the responsibility of defining their specific feminist ideology and movement with other feminists, especially with other women ofcolor. This paper probes into the various stereotypes and misrepresentations that the Chicanas have struggled to overcome and how they replace it with new images and self-representations. The specific focus is on the women characters in the novels of Castillo, who, by creating a determined voice of their own, offer resistance to the hegemonic and patriarchal structures of oppression. It also studies how Castillo has succeeded in challenging stereotypical stories and hegemonic narratives written about the Chicanas. She rewrites her people’s history and experiences of freedom and oppression.


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