Methods For Formulation And Evaluation Of Strategies In Hotel Enterprises

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Fatbardha Jashari


In this study we discussed entrepreneurship in hotel enterprises, as well as strategic management with factors that affect the performance of enterprises by formulating strategies for better use of factors in creating sustainable and competitive advantages, where entrepreneurship focuses on creativity and innovation of hotel offers.

Therefore, entrepreneurship and strategic actions are at the center of building the performance of hotel enterprises. Entrepreneurial activities are the basis for companies' behavior - to move to new markets, gain new customers and combine existing resources in new ways. Entrepreneurship is mainly concerned with identifying market opportunities and creating a range of resources through which they can be exploited.

On the other hand, strategic actions have been taken to select and implement strong strategies. Increasingly, in globally competitive organizations, many strategic activities aim to monitor entrepreneurial opportunities by undertaking entrepreneurial activities. Strategic activities provide a climate in which innovations are developed and commercialized.

Thus, successful integration between entrepreneurship and strategic actions will strengthen the hotel enterprise's ability to grow and generate profit.

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