Challenges of MOOC in imparting Constructivist Teaching and Learning in India

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Mikael L Chuaungo, Prof. Lokanath Mishra


MOOCs (Massive open online courses) provide India's higher education a chance to revolutionize. MOOCs are well-known for their large size and accessibility to everyone from the primary level up to the higher education level. They are generally free and always designed around flexible constructivist pedagogy , which can be a crucial for aspirants with financial hurdles and specific learning needs. For the Millennial and Gen-Z youth, there is a plethora of learning potential with digital technology. Additionally, these  MOOC courses may be used to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The concerns that higher education faces because of expansion, such as equal access, individualized learning, and quality issues, may appear to be addressed by the usage of MOOCs in higher education. However, for a young developing country like India, implementation of MOOC and its potential to promote constructivist learning is a huge challenge with many hardships and obstacles still stand in our way.


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