Perception Towards Debit/Credit Card Frauds of Police in Bengaluru City

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Mr. Yerriswamy. K, Dr. G. S. Venumadhava


Card and digital transaction fraud is constantly developing. debit and credit card fraud is getting more widespread. Cloning, phishing, cyberstalking, identity theft, malware attack, email spoofing, cyber extortion, and loss through IT theft are some of the most common types of fraud. This study provides information about debit and credit card frauds that are difficult to track down, as well as the problems and difficulties that police officers and lawyers encounter in such cases. The data was collected from hundred Police officials The participants were randomly selected from different parts of Bengaluru city.  The researcher took permission from the respected authorities to carry the research study. The research visited each participant and explained the purpose of the study. Later, the structured questionnaire was given to the participants with clear instructions. The participants were requested to answer all the statements to avoid respondent mortality. After collection of the data, they were scored and analysed using SPSS for Windows. The study used descriptive statistics which included frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation along with inferential statistics which included chi-square, t-test and one-way ANOVA. The findings were drawn and discussed with supporting literature later.  The results revealed that 75% of the police officers had high level of Awareness, while 99% of the officers had high level opinion and 93% of the officers had high level of knowledge regarding Preventive measures. All the Police officers had significantly lesser score on Awareness, opinion, knowledge regarding preventive measures and Total perception regarding Credit/Debit card frauds Further on opinion, Sub-Inspectors had significantly higher score while assistant sub-inspector had significantly lower score.  The possible reasons behind the findings were explained in the study.

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